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Looking to buy full leather suits, two piece, helmets, boots and tyres?

Price List

Kiddies Suites:

Sizes from 12 to 16
Berik and Arlen Ness

Starting from R3 999.00


Sizes from 48 to 60
Berik, Arlen Ness and Madiff

Starting from R7 000.00


Shark, Arai, Airoh, Shoei and Sparx

Starting from R850.00 - R11 000.00

GAERNE Racing Boots:

Colours: White, Black, Blue and Red

Starting from R6 249.00

GAERNE Road Boots:

Colours: Black (only)

Starting from R2 890.00


Bridgestone R10 Rear - Starting from R2 205.00
Set Bridgestone R10 - Starting from R3 600.00

Pirelli SC2 120 - Starting from R1 980.00


Motul, Belray and Liqui Moly

Lap timers:



R2 480.00

Tyre Warmers:

Digital – R4 580.00
Non Digital – R3 703.00

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