Where Riders Become Racers...

Red Star Raceway

Groenfontein/Dryden Turn Off

N12 Zonderfout Farm, Portion 5 Delmas

GPS Co-ordinates

S 26 04’ 30.9”

E 28 45’ 20.0”

RSR is the perfect venue for your future track, skidpan and event bookings.  We are confident that our track facilities provide a challenging drive and an exciting experience, not just for you but for your clients as well. Our two brand new training centres have the capacity tp accommodate between 50 and 100 people and are ideal for conference, lunch and briefing sessions. On site you and your clients can enjoy a swimming pool, cabin style accommodation, a canteen and catering manager who is ready to assist with all your food and beverage requirements. RSR has successfully hosted events for Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Jaguar and Ferrari. We would like to extend an invitation to you and your team to visit our facility situated 60 km’s from Johannesburg on the Groenfontein/Dryden offramp, on the N12 motorway. Red Star Raceway is available to all corporate functions and team building days.
We offer open track days on most Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Car   track   days   are   hosted   on   certain   Wednesdays   and   you   can   contact    for the next available car track day.  Red   Star   Raceway   communicates   with   their   members   via   a   weekly   sms   system.      The   sms   is   distributed every Monday with info on the track availability for the upcoming week. Over    weekends    Saturdays    and    Sundays,    new    riders    and    novices    can    enjoy    the    guidance    of    a professional   instructors,   as   an   added   bonus,   which   are   available   to   help   improve   your   skills   and   overall biking experience. Red   Star   Raceway   (RSR)   can   be   ridden   clockwise   and   anti-clockwise   which   caters   for   a   new   and   exciting adventure every 6 months. RSR also offers advanced training courses every three months. Our professional one day beginner biker training has a money back guarantee. Race   Craft   Motorcycles   @   RSR   Delmas   do   tire   changes   on   site   and   specialise   in   all   engine   modification, suspension   repairs   and   setup.    We   are   currently   running   a   special   on   -   Basic   service   &   Dyno   tune   R1500- 00 Inc., etc. We   hire   out   motor   cycles   as   well   as   riding   gear   such   as   full   leather   suites,   helmets   and   boots   at   very affordable prices. There   are   marshals   on   duty   on   all   track   days   as   well   as   race   control   and   medical   facilities   on   site   for   your peace of mind. Our    newly    built    Skidpan    offer    a    well    maintained    surface    and    sprinkler    system    for    all    your    skidpan requirements.