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Redstar Raceway is closed on a Monday.

A Little About Red Star Raceway

For the past 4 years - 5 years Red Star Raceway and its membership has grown beyond expectation. Continues development has upgraded our facilities to be one of the best and preferred racing track in Africa.

One of the primary objectives was to create a track to accommodate families to enjoy a day with the rider.

Further development such as the swimming pool has also added to a resort look and feel atmosphere.

The future growth is endless with so many plans for further development.

Red Star Raceway is a track school and host track days. Our track school and track days are covered by most insurance brokers.

Come and enjoy a day at Red Star and live the experience.


Beginner Biker Training

R1500-00 - Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays



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Track Days

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